1. The Safety of harvesters is paramount and thus all harvesters are required to bring safety equipment and protective gear to site.

2. Harvesters will travel in teams of minimum 2 people.

3. Harvesters will only use clean equipment (tools and storage containers) 

4. Harvesters will cover all full containers or enclose foraged products during storage or transport

5. No harvesting on Hydro Lines, Roadways, or any disturbed sites where chemical or mechanical contamination was possible or existing

6. Harvesters should use hand cleaner before and after forage

7. Nothing should be left throughout the area where forage has occurred and thus endangering animals, fish or birds. (Plastic)

8. All excrement should be removed from the resting site, forage site or storage area and should be buried when possible.

9. The finished product should be dried, cleaned and bagged for storage, shipping or transfer to clean containers for shipping.

 10. All foraged products will be wild, clean, sustainably hand-picked and uncultivated where possible.


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