The Wall Cup 


The Boreal Forest -- Canada's untamed wilderness. Known for its picturesque and rugged landscapes, it's the single largest untouched forest on earth, covering nearly two thirds of the country. We like to think of it as a little (or rather big) gift from nature.

We care deeply for what the Forest has to offer. That's why we have adopted the mandate to sustainably harvest the bounty of the Boreal Forest alongside Northern Canadians, the original harvesters, the first to cherish and respect the land. The Boreal Wildcraft Tea Company works cooperatively with local wildcrafters, hand picking and processing special herbs and berries in an ethical and sustainable manner to minimize our carbon footprint. Trained and approved harvesters meet our wildcrafting standards not only to ensure we protect this delicate ecosystem but also to support and encourage the harmony that has been established between the land and its people. The result? Exquisite, earth-conscious, custom-blended herbal infusions with a distinctly Canadian flavour - something you can drink and feel good about.

Towering pine trees, pure water, crisp air - that's the Boreal Forest. Grab a cup and let’s go for a walk, shall we?

We are proud to be located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, at the heart of the nation, on the edge of the Boreal Forest, near the converging Red and Assiniboine Rivers that flow north through the Interlake region and into the mighty Hudson’s Bay.

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